Sunday, February 10, 2008

it was calling my name~

The beauty of the south Texas lease is always whispering in my other ear~

You know, the kind that pulls at your heart & soul. Telling you that peace and solitude can be found here. The kind that only the wide open spaces with no deadlines, phone lines, or store lines can give you
a whole lot of party lights when night time comes around!
And, best of all you get to wear these little beauties. Of course, these are not mine. You remember mine from another post. They are my dear sister in law's, found at the Hunting Extravaganza last year.
And then, as we were packing the truck to leave, this little chirper was singing a song so loud I could not ignore. He was saying to me~stay here where all is clean & simple~in my little world.
It was a tough choice.


Anonymous said...

luv the party lights pic +, little miss documentarian. GREAT post, mom!

Chris said...

Pretty pictures! I see why you love it there. I'm glad that you had a good time. And I'm glad you came back to "civilization" so we could share in the beauty.

Anita said...

OMG!! I LOVE those shoes.. Two of my favorite things, pink and cammo, in the same shoe! I have to find some of those!!

Your pictures are absolutely fabulous! Makes me want to go to Texas!
The only place in Texas I've ever been in from the state line down highway 54 to Dalhart. People tell be that Dalhart isn't really Texas - lol

kansasrose said...

I can see why you love it so girl! You are a nature wild child! :) The crocs are awesome! How cute is that pink and camo combo. Where did ya find these beauties? The little bird was telling you to return soon! Thanks for sharing your piece of heaven. xxxooo

kansasrose said...

what kind of birdie is this?

dawn said...

i love your lil' dance hall.
xoxoxo to you.

Chris said...

Also, those Crocs absolutely ROCK!!! I love 'em...they are so fun-looking. Like you'd absolutely HAVE to have a great time when you wore them.

Susan Tuttle said...

What beautiful photos! I'm lovin' the sun behind the trees and those great crocs!