Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Dutch Oven Grands

~Dutch Oven Grands~
My husband has been once again been working on perfecting his dutch oven cooking, and this past week, on the banks of the Guadalupe River, during our annual rv trip to New Braunfels; he once again proved ~ he knows his stuff!
He used his chimney to "prep" the coals, to ensure he had the desired heat needed. (This is like preheating your oven at home). He then cracked open the can, lined the biscuits inside the dutch oven, closed the lid~ and then, he methodically lined those "just right coals" on the bottom and top of the dutch oven ~ ensuring he will get the right and even amout of heat needed to bake the biscuits. He lifted the lid only a few times, just to see if the biscuits were baking as he thought~and yes they were~and yes they did! The end result~
a basket full of heavenly grands!

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dawn said...

those are bloodyfantastic.