Sunday, December 17, 2006

Lanyards, Lanyards, Everywhere Lanyards!

My newest jewelry commission......badge lanyards! Yes, you too can own one......the request was for a basic black & silver! I just couldn't do it.....well, maybe sort of at the end! But I made 5 of them this weekend. 2-with my "new favorite" animal print art bead, 1-with a brilliant lime green polka dot art bead - Melanie says this is her favorite, because it is RETRO and yes, it has black in it! and 2-that have black & white bone, black wood, black onyx and a creamy white shell! At the end I put them all in a pile to see how colorful they looked! These were FUN!


dawn said...

these are gawjuz!

merry merry Christmas, diane.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Diane - They made great gifts!! Everyone loved them!!

Happy New Year - Camilla