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Sunday, November 26, 2006

There's more than deer huntin' to do....

Deer Hunting is so much more than sitting in the stand! Sometimes it calls for a little action on the ground. Friday, November 24th was a cool crisp morning, with a bit too much fog. We enjoyed our time in the "High Stand", watching all the beautiful bucks and does eating the corn. I must say we have done much more watching than shooting for the last 10 years!

But later that day, it warmed up quite a bit-as is most usual in South Texas.....but on our way back to camp, after taking care of some projects, stretched out across the road, sunning, was a VERY LARGE RATTLESNAKE. Well, Poncho "Allen" Cook got out of the Bronco, pulled his trusty pistol, which is a single-action 44 Magnum with a 7-1/2" barrell, loaded with snake shot, and took care of this quail-eating machine.

In total we saw 3 of these same size rattlers this weekend. I say it was 3 too many!

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