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Sunday, November 26, 2006

For The Love of A Sister!

I love it when my sister, Debbie e-mails me....."Can you make a bracelet & earrings to match this necklace?'' Well, of course I can! With a little help from my friend, Nancy. I "put together" this set for Debbie to take to Las Vegas in December! Most of the beads came from Peru, and the red coral came from a shop in San Antonio. They always say the hunt is more fun than the kill. I am here to tell you that is the truth!


Anonymous said...

Hello Diane,

Thanks for visiting my blog. You were so right: After all that work leading up to the craft fair, now it's over, I feel a little lost!

I love your vibrant jewelry. I especially love the necklace the sweet old lady is wearing in a post below.

P.S. Your etsy shop is empty :(

Cheers, Colette

Diane said...

I am trying to colette....I am feeling a little overwhelmed with the shop..and busy with shows and now the holidays! Perhaps you can share your expertise! Love your work!