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Sunday, August 13, 2006

RVing Is Our Life

I am getting ready for a Yard Sale this Saturday. I found Melanie's Fisher Price Camper set in my spare closet! I love it...plus now it will travel with us on all our trips as our table centerpiece! How great is that?


dawn said...

diane, never in my life have i ever seen the camper set! OMG, girl...this is stuff to save for grandkids.

congrats on your 20th. you are 12 days older married than we are! :)

Diane said...

My daugher is 30, so this set is probably at least 29 or 28 years old! Yes, this is definately going to my grandchildren! Congrats on your 20th year of wedded bliss as well, Dawn.

Dea said...

I am so into keeping my kids old toys. I know one day I will be glad I did. That RV set is really cool...I think I remember having it. Too cool!!!

Dea said...

That is so cool. I keep my kids toys too. I think I remember that RV set. Wait...I think I had it. :)