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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

It's My Party, and I'll Cry If I Want To.......

Today is my birthday! (As my friend Nancy says, "It's a national holiday!")

Okay...I know sunbathing is not good for you, but I had no choice here! On the back of this picture my mother had written...Diane taken when you all were down July-58 She had sent the picture to my Aunt Honey. I was not quite a year old. My mother told me I weighed 31 lbs. at 11 months, but only 28 when I started first grade-go figure! I do have another picture taken the same time, but I was smiling in it :)

But this...this... is vintage Diane... so I had to post it....you see, I have been working on putting a picture under my profile, and this was the one I had picked - just a little more cropped. But, today, on my birthday, this is the perfect picture to share with all the ones I love! So lets laugh together at this one!

It's my party, and I'll laugh if I want to........


Anonymous said...

Mom! Happy Birthday!!!
& Congratulations! Your behind looks as good now as it did back then!
=) Love you, girlfriend!

Diane said...

Thanks alot Mel!