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Rosa & Josie

 My grandmother.
My father's mother, who married Edmund J. Buechmann, Sr.,
at the age of 20.  She was born June 21, 1889, and died February 26, 1976.
She was a seamstress who was married to a sweet potato farmer.  
A mother of four children,
my father, Cleo, being her youngest.
She was almost 44 when he was born.
Her mother was a Czech immigrant, 
who left her family to come to America through Galveston, Texas, 
with her brother.
Her father was a son of a German immigrant.
She was the 6th child in a family of 13.
She was a seamstress, who sewed many wedding gowns for local brides.
I don't know if she sewed the one she wore.  I wish I knew.
She sewed all of our clothes as my sisters and I were growing up,
never using a store bought pattern.
She spoke Czech, but mainly German.  
She loved to garden and grew beautiful flowers...mums, roses, daylilies, petunias,
to name the ones I remember most.
When I was probably 8 or 9 years old she taught me how to embroidery,
which is a memory I will always cherish.

 My grandmother is on the far right in this picture,
next to her future husband, my grandfather.
My mother's mother,
she married Adolph Schultz when she was just 15.
They eloped to do so.  He was her second cousin.
She was born March 14, 1904, and died May 15, 1987.
She was the
daughter of Ben and Katy Anderson Henicke.
I know little of my "grannie's" family tree.
But, what I do know is that I loved her more than anything.
She was the grandmother I spent the most time with.
She raised 13 children,
my mother, Vivian, being her 9th.
Her life was not easy.  Her husband was the town barber.
He also drank too much.
She loved to garden and was a wonderful quilter.
She taught me how to love and care for flowers.
She had a massive garden full of flowers
that could be seen just outside her bedroom window.
Just before dusk, when I was lucky enough to spend the night with her,
we would water the flowers together.
She had mounds of four o'clocks that gave off the most fragrant aroma,
as they only opened in the late afternoon.
She grew roses, poppies, lilies of all kinds, mums, petunias,
gorgeous vines of morning glories, hydrangeas, cosmos,
 begonias, sunflowers, daisies, delphinium, corn flowers, all sorts of fern.
I am sure I am forgetting many, but these I remember most.
My grandmother loved to quilt.
She made quilts for many of her grandchildren,
my two sisters and I being 3 of them.
She loved to crazy quilt, but the traditional pattern,
Log Cabin
was her favorite, and the one I have owned since my high school graduation.
She also had a huge button box, which I remember well. 
Full of every kind of button you can imagine.
She had to have been collecting them for years, as I am sure she had lots of mending to do for 8 boys and 5 girls.
With much thankfulness, 
I type the information I have shared above
of my grandmothers.
I learned much from both of them...
by the time I spent with them
by way of my parents.
I hope their legacy lives on thru me, and thru my children, 
and my children's children.
And, that one day they too can share what they knew about me,
with love and gratitude.
One can only hope...and pray.

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord.
Psalm 127:3