Thursday, March 01, 2012

busy little bee

"Texas mountain laurel"
Yesterday was one of those magical days we have in Texas, 
where everything was perfectly beautiful.
The temperature was mild.  Humidity was not "too" high.
And, the birds were outside my window singing the happy song of 
Spring days to come.
Many of our shrubs and bushes are beginning to bloom.
One of the first always seems to be my Texas mountain laurel.
This is one spectacular shrub/tree, and it has the most gorgeous clusters of
purple blossoms that you will ever see.
I had to bring this shrub here, as it didn't show up naturally.
It thrives in the hill country of Texas.  This one was bought at least 5 years ago from a nursery in San Antonio.  
I live in the part of Texas which is considered the Gulf Coast area (as I am about 80 miles away from the Gulf of Mexico).
I've shared with you before that I live on a prairie...the Katy Prairie.
Which in itself has had its share of heydays long past.
This prairie is slowly being gulped up by the sprawling huge city of Houston.
 It is flat here.  Flat as a pancake.  Not a hill in sight.
But, if I go back to my purpose here today, 
it is to show you what I saw when I stepped outside, if only for a moment, to see the beautiful Texas mountain laurel growing in my front yard.
Bees were everywhere!  
They were busy collecting pollen, and I am sure if I stepped back out there today, 
they would be happily doing the very same thing.
Digging their tiny heads way down deep inside the tight cluster of purple flowers.
I have been feeling a bit like this...busy, busy, busy.  My head down deep in my office.
Inside...not out there in that beautiful clean, fresh new air of life.
But, if only for a moment, I felt better after seeing the blooms of this beautiful 
bush, and all the activity surrounding it.
Then I came back inside, and started to take more pictures of the kits I will be offering
in my Etsy Shop for the Heart Strings class I will be teaching online this summer 
And, you know what?
I got all happy again.


Charlene said...

Oh how I LOVE our Texas Mountain Laurel!!! But, we can't grow it up here. Just too many cold snaps some years (NOT THIS YEAR oh how I fear the on slaught of the bugs this summer). Such pretty photos! DARN seeing those beautiful colors for your Heart Strings Kits make me remember I NEED to finish mine. It's been sitting there with the focal point done but, NO NECKLACE! Thanks for the push. Also, GLAD to see you coming up for air... all work & no play............. well you know the story. HUGS!

Anonymous said...

So beautiful - looking forward to see green again in NY. It's so drab n rainy today.

Kim Stevens said...

Ooooh, how I love Spring....I'm editing pics right now of the same thing, only the bees were loving my Indian Hawthornes. Every spring I have a love affair with the bees.....The Texas Mountain Laurel is beautiful!!

KayzKreationz said...

My Mountain Laurel is covered with blooms, but I haven't had a chance to get pics yet. I'm hoping it lasts for a while. What great colors for your upcoming class.

Cindy said...

What beautiful pictures of the flowers, Diane! Such a fantastic color.
Your kits are gorgeous... oh that wire and those sari silk colors are really calling my name!! :-)

Daryl said...

Not sure what prettier - the bee on the flower or those balls of fabric!