Wednesday, February 01, 2012

heart strings at home

I could not have chosen a better group of ladies to spend my day with, last Saturday,
for my first in home class,
that wasn't a one on one special request.
The beauty of it began with the number of ladies who were able to join me.
Three.  Not only, but actually.
Maybe that sounds small, but not for my home.
And certainly not for the students.
What they enjoyed was a day packed with much learning and laughter,
which included a day full of my undivided (except by 3) attention.
 I sat at our breakfast table and was able to give short demos,
which included talks on my design process.
They were able to pull up a chair without feeling crowded.
It makes me happy just sitting here thinking about it.
they were so excited about all the 
new and wonderful tips and techniques I was able to share with them.
Since then I have been busy recording/editing/taking pictures for my classes at
Artful Gathering,
the first being my Heart Strings class which will be part of Session One this summer.
BTW, if you haven't noticed, but maybe you have,
my intro video link is up near the top on my right sidebar.
It gives you a glimpse into my studio, as small as it is!
if you'd like to hear a bit about a little creative process of mine,
that has spanned almost four years,
tomorrow I will have a guest post on
Love My Art Jewelry.
It will explain how I arrived here....


Stacie said...

The friendships beading and making jewelry has brought you is so delightful to watch. Thank you for bringing us all into your life and your home, Diane. It looks like this must have been a heck of a hen party!!!

In the Light of the Moon said...

That is so wonderful that you were able to give a class in your home...I bet it adds a wonderful new element to it all...much more coziness I think.Big Hugs,Cat

sharon said...

To welcome people into your home is an incredible gift is arms, and great wide open, and that is beautiful! It is no wonder you create such beautiful jewelry!

Diana said...

Oohh what a special play date you had. Great fun having girl friends over to play and share.

Diana said...

Oohh what a special play date you had. Great fun having girl friends over to play and share.

Debbie said...

Oh what a treat!!!
I'm sure it was an amazing day and fun had by all!!


Cindy said...

Diane, what a lucky group of ladies to take a class with you in the comfort of your home. That sounds like an absolute TREAT to me!! Thanks for sharing - I know it was a day all will remember!