Sunday, August 21, 2011


In between the thick of teaching classes, writing class proposals and submissions, 
and end of season RV trips, 
I am once again enjoying the thrill of Lori Anderson's 
If this doesn't ring a bell in your world, 
I'd like to suggest that it would (the next one will be in Feb. 2012),
as for now sign-up has ended and packages are beginning to arrive in the mail.
Just last Spring I participated for the first time.
Here was the result of the soup I received from a talented lamp work bead artist,
named Melissa Mesara.
There are 362 participants this time around, and when the names were dealt,
I was fortunate to be paired with Kerry Bogert.
A wire working, bead designing, book author.
She received my box of goodies and made a video as she unwrapped it.
How clever!
It was filled with quite a fun stash.
Not typical of what she would normally work with...which is exactly the point.
I included a vintage chandelier crystal that dangles from a focal made with a vintage rhinestone earring attached to a filigree focal.
Just above, I wrapped in a vintage crystal dangle.  Kerry is also a knitter,
so I thought I'd slip in a bundle of "Merlot" colored recycled sari silk ribbon.
I gave her the choice of two clasps ~ one a vintage rhinestone, the other, 
an oxidized sterling silver hook and eye which I designed.
I also included vintage rhinestone dangles, additional vintage crystal drops and dark ruby red garnets.
Lots and lots of garnets, silver disks and oxidized crystal rondells.
A group of my favorite vintage rhinestone buttons to play with.
 So, here's the whole shebang...
which includes a string of unusual crystal nuggets & AB crystal beads,
found at my local antique store.
Awe, this was fun.


Leslie Todd said...

Wow! Can't wait to see what everyone makes! I know you both will make something spectacular.

Kerry said...

I am such a lucky lucky girl!! I have been drooling over my ingredients all weekend and my brain is starting to bubble! I can't wait to see what comes of these beautiful things. Thank you Diane! I have the best partner :)

steufel said...

Oh, Diane - saw the soup on her blog. It is to die for:-)

Chris said...

You all are going to have such fun~! Thank you for sharing the beginnings of a creative adventure~

Alice said...

I saw the video on her blog. I loved how it seemed like she was opening Christmas presents with each item she pulled out of the box.

I hope to be able to visit all the blogs, but wow, there are just so many participants.

Linda said...

Wow. Beautiful ingredients! Kerry did an awesome job with that cleaver video too :) I haven't been part of a bead soup in some time and now wished I had signed up for this one...oh, time :) I'm sure Kerry will make something beautiful.

In the Light of the Moon said...

You know Diane I was so hesitant about joining..being somewhat new to jewelry I kept thinking what if I just dont get any ideas..and worse..what if I send something that the other artist considers blah..blah..blah..But thats it,you have convinced me and I will give it a try in Feb.Congrats to Kerry and to all the participants,I will be eagerly waiting to see all the yummy goodies that come out of this.Hugs,Cat

Daryl said...

I know whatever it is will be gorgeous

Anonymous said...

OMG, Diane, I want to be YOUR swap partner any time!!!!

Anonymous said...

First of all, I am happy to have found your blog (so, thank you Lori for that), I really love your style. It's really different from mine but every piece is gorgeous.

Said that, you sent a great soup mix and all those packages and ribbons... Great!


Elizabeth said...

What a delectable soup you provided!!! Can't wait to watch here open her soup!! Love your ideas and your work!!

Cindy said...

Diane, I agree with all - your Bead Soup mix is breathtakingly (is that a word?) gorgeous. :-) I love every rhinestone and inch of ribbon!

Pretty Things said...

So very jealous!