Monday, July 25, 2011

amazing friends

I still have a few California stories to share.  
This one is that of a friendship
that has spanned just over three years ~ thru blogland.
I met Chris thru our love for designing jewelry.
Don't remember just how, but it was while blogging that we crossed paths.
So, when I knew I was going to teach in southern California, 
I had to go a little further north to meet her.
And, that I did.
The best part about our visit, besides finally seeing each other face to face, 
was that our husbands had such a great time together.
We started out early the next morning, after we arrived, 
by eating at a favorite restaurant in their town.
Then, onto Sonoma Valley...
where we went winery hopping.
 Which included a little tasting
and a little buying.
 Then off to the quaint town of Sonoma.
Stopping on the square for a little shopping.
 Snacking, of course.
Then off to Bodega Bay for dinner.  
Remember the movie The Birds?
Didn't see THE birds, but did see a pretty funny fisherman.
And quite a few fishing boats.
Chris and Rich took us to a beautiful restaurant on the bay, 
where we ended the day doing what?  
You guessed it.
We had a great two days with our California friends.

And, before we left, Chris gifted me with one of her beautiful creations.  
She can stamp the most beautiful charms.  
Mine was a resin filled bezel, tab set onto a stamped heart...
then hung from a ribbon filled chain.
See what I mean?  Look at all her stamping.  It's so perfect.  
Simply beautiful!
And, lookie at the little tag she attached to the felt jewelry holder it was placed in.
Chris had it featured, along with  her beautiful jewelry, in the Spring issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry under the Art of Presentation!
 Thank you Chris & Rich for all you shared with us.
You are truly...two amazing friends!


Jen Crossley said...

what a amazing friendship you have art brings us together.Too very talented ladies

steufel said...

Ohh, what an amazing and awesome gift. And your pics are once again so beautiful!

Daryl said...

oh you know me and hearts, I love that!

In the Light of the Moon said...

You know..this blog world has taken me by the heartstings into a beautiful and unexpected journey.I did not expect to meet so many kind souls and to make friendships that I know deep in my heart will last forever.I am so happy for you to be able to see a blog friend face to face..there is nothing quite as magical as knowing someone for years and getting to know the inside of their hearts thru blogland..but then to meet them..its a full circle..a gift.
Hugs,Cat Kerr

Debby ~ Romancing the Bling said...

Diane ~ thank you for sharing your new friendship and beautiful photo's. Your husbands really looked like they enjoyed your time together also! What an amazing piece of art Chris gifted you with! Absolute gorgeous!!!


Chris said...

Oh Diane!!! What a wonderful heartstirring post!!! Thank you gal~~I cannot wait until Rich can read this too. He felt so at home with your sweet hubby--- fast friends!
You two were a blessing~~The dinners, the breakfasts, the talking talking talking about jewelry and your exciting world of teaching.
And your gift~~I'd worked on it bit by bit, thinking of our friendship and celebrating your new life.
So thank you for this post~ I am so very happy for you and excited to see the new ideas and classes you create. May you be blessed with more joy, more fun, more accolades!

Kim Stevens said...

I enjoyed this very much and can relate - I have a friend that I met through FB and blogging and we have found ourselves to be kindred souls and I hope one day to be writing a post just like this because we actually got to meet face to face!

Again, love your storytelling words and photos, especially the one where the guys are sporting their bibs!! Too cute!

Cindy said...

Diane, I'm so glad you shared another CA story...I knew there were so many magical moments and I hope you'll share even more.
Meeting Chris sounded was such a blessing...she seems like the most incredible blogging/in-life friend. What a heart-warming story. To think of all the teaching, shopping, and visiting with friends that you did (not to mention the DRIVING!)... amazing. And your pictures are gorgeous...I especially love the Victorian home in Sonoma.

kansasrose said...

Two beautiful TX and CA women...What a blessing you both are to each other! Diane, I have enjoyed your fabulous photos, words of your first eye to eye meeting, your hubbys look like old home chums. :) Could feel the warmth....Isn't the net an amazing 'place' that brings so many souls friendship? <3