Wednesday, March 16, 2011

rhinestones & rosaries

"Crystals & Pearls"
I taught one of my favorite classes, Rhinestones & Rosaries on Thursday.  It was full of awesomely talented students...each eager to bring their own flavor to the piece they would call their own.
In fact, Susan finished hers that evening after class, 
bringing it to our class with Richard (the very next day) to show me!
Beautiful work.
I especially love the crucifix, with it's ornate brass end-caps, 
which matches the bead caps in the rosary.   
These rosaries are higher end, and occasionally I find one I can afford.
Susan is one of those estate sale goers from Dallas.
I would love to hitch a ride on her coat tails sometimes =)
See how she made a double strand, adding a vintage rhinestone brooch across the top of the brass focal?  
BTW...she worked hard on that focal!
That's more than half the fun, 
working out the puzzle of making pieces work together,
cold-join style!
 Sue is a lady I have been speaking to online for probably almost a year.  She and I finally met when she came to a class I taught in College Station last December. 
This is her necklace.
Isn't it gorgeous?  I love that unusual connector, and the crucifix is so beautiful.
I love the deep blue color of the faceted glass beads in her rosary.
...some of the other "works in progress".
My dh was there each day helping me in class...
sharing his knowledge of important things...such as faulty tools.
He's THE gadget guy, and the one who wrote the book on ~
"whoever has the most gadgets wins".
The bottom line~
I had the best day with some great ladies.
Thank you ~ all ~ you were amazing!
Then, after I thought I had one of the best days in my many days of best,
Melissa Manley showed up, to park her tools & supplies for her class,  
which she would be teaching in the room later that evening.
I was packing my things, trying to focus on stuffing getting all my tools to fit back into the bag they fit fine in earlier that morning!
She was wearing a pair of the most beautiful enameled earrings!  In fact, they were even prettier than the ones she had been wearing sitting next to me at Meet the Artist night.
I told her I loved them~'cause I did!
She pulled them off and gave them to me~
...paying it forward she said.
I immediately put them on.
They matched my jewelry AND my outfit perfectly!
She said, "how could I not?  They were made for YOU!"
I almost cried.  
This was the jewelry I was bead soup pieces,
along with one of my Etched & Layered cuffs,
wrapped in luscious recycled sari silk.
You be the judge!
I was am overwhelmed.


Margo said...

Perfect for you!

Cindy said...

Hello dear Diane! I'm enjoying catching up on the latest - from the Meet the Artist Night tales to your Rhinestones & Rosaries class. I can just feel the excitement in your writing, and see it in the beautiful pictures.
Your student's work are all so lovely. I agree, the ornate crucifix in the first necklace is incredible.
You sound like you had the sweetest students and also had the opportunity to meet such great instructors. Richard and Melissa are both such kind-hearted people. I love the story of how Melissa gave you the enamel earrings, saying they were made for you. Aw!!! And yes, I agree your ensemble of jewelry was just divine. Thank you for sharing the stories!

Jen Crossley said...

What a wonderful class you had by the look.I love your helper is he available for hire??.
How beautiful is Melissa there are some really beautiful people out there and you were lucky to meet Melissa.Stunning earring just beautiful

stregata said...

The class results are stunning. And Melissa's gift is divine - gorgeous earrings!!

Courtney Breul said...

The class pieces are absolutely beautiful! Congrats to your students.

sharon said...

I can always count on beautiful things to see over here! Your students pieces are gorgeous Diane!
And Melissa's gift to you is perfect, stunnung!

Daryl said...

Oh I am loving those earrings they do go perfectly with your other adornments ... how lovely and generous of her to do that ..

Unknown said...

Doesn't surprise me at all....and those earrings ARE gorgeous!

Kate said...

THat is one big pile of gorgeous, Missy! Love it all!!

Chris said...

How fun that your DH was your class assistant!!! He looks like he really knows his way around the tools~~
I LOVE the pieces your students created. No wonder you are bursting with pride.
THE EARRINGS are AMAZING! They go perfectly with what you were wearing....did you have a secret camera to see what Melissa was wearing? smiling! Love you

The Joy of Nesting said...

Yep as the saying goes Lady Dy, "It's a match made in heaven" just one of those suppose to be things!! :)

Okay Missy seeing the amazing pieces your students made certainly reinforces the fact that besides being a gifted artist you are also an awesome instructor!! Even you my humble lit'l sister must be bubbling with pride!!

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

Carol Dee, CZT said...

It was so good meeting you. I shared the experience with C. Wimmer! I'm on my way back to Maryland but did do some shopping at "Replay" in Houston. . .picked up some really NICE bling earrings. . .Can't wait to find a class with you to use them in! God bless!

Lisa said...


These are so amazing. I have collected & used rosaries in my work for so long & to make one into wearable art would be wonderful. I am so interested in your cuff class from the earlier post. Will you be doing another anytime soon? Or could you do a simpler version as an online tutorial? Just a thought. Hope your Round Top time is amazing! Lisa

VS said...

Paying it forward seems to be the theme these days for alot of us...good things are happening & I couldn't be happier for you my friend, you so well deserve them!
I'll be seeing your cute little behind real sooooon. I can't wait!

Lovey said...

Wow!!! What a wonderful class and look at those earrings, They are perfect Diane! What a beautiful gift for you! Big hugs...Lovey

Suz said...

i love your Pay it Forward gift. That is so sweet. The work of your students is so lovely, Diane. I am so glad it all turned out so well. Thanks for having all of the wonderful pictures for us.

Esther said...

wonderful class!! results are awesome!! those rosaries are STUNNINNNNNNNNNNNg!!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

So very lovely for a very lovely person. You must be a fabulous teacher for your student's results are awesome! Joyfully yours ~ Katie