Monday, January 17, 2011

ear bobs & screw backs

My name is Diane,
I have a vintage rhinestone addiction.
This addiction I have no problem denying, 
as I sift through a stash of vintage rhinestone ear bobs and screw backs.
Lately I have received a few questions in regard to "bobs". 
On the supply list for the classes I'll be teaching at Adorn Me! and Art Unraveled, I have included vintage rhinestone ear bobs as a design element.
Last night I listed about nine different "bob" sets, two have been sold.
To see them all, just go here.
This post began after receiving a question or two in the last month, 
regarding the difference between ear bobs and screw back earrings.
I love vintage screw backs and use them often.
But, in both classes, Rhinestones & Rosaries and Etched & Layered
ear bobs are what's needed.
Here is another example of an ear bob.
A beautiful vintage Weiss by the way!
But, here is the difference.
I have here a couple sets of screw backs pulled off my shelf, 
just waiting to be used.  
They may first appear to be the same...especially when looking at them from this angle. But, it is the back that tells the story.  When ordering online, I always ask (if not shown) to see the back of the piece.  
It says more about the age than the front will ever tell.
Here's their backs.
another pair of screw backs.
And their backs.
So, if you are working on your supply list for any of my classes, here is an example of what you might like to look for in the way of gorgeous vintage rhinestone ear bobs, 
as seen here.
 Vintage Weiss, with prong set AB rhinestones and a stunning baroque pearl.  
This "bob" is sitting on top of a favorite Brass Bouquet filigree focal piece called, 
Festoon Pendant.
I will be teaching a fun technique for attaching these "bobs" in cold-join fashion.
The "g" word never appears in this process!
It whispers the Miriam Haskel style to me.
A style I fell in love with years ago.
 And here is the back of this "bob".
I love to stare at it from this angle....almost as much as the front.
Especially when it has Weiss on it.
 Now that is what I call gorgeous!
My name is Diane,
I have a vintage rhinestone addiction.


Anonymous said...

I have taken to making a few of my designs with clip-ons, as not everyone has pierced ears...I am so happy to know good quality backs to look for!! THank you!!!

Chris said...

Oooohhhh Diane~ What gorgeous photos of some of your objects of addiction! Your classes are going to rock~! You are wonderful in illustrating what will work with your techniques. And your love for your subjects definitely shines through.

The Joy of Nesting said...

Welcome Lady Dy,

We of RA (rhinestone anonymous)are here to support and feed each others growing collection. RA is a lifetime disease that requires constant appeasement!! :)

I've always been partial to the term earbob rather then earring. Much more feminine,genteel,and romantic sounding. If I remember correctly earbobs was coined by the very lady like women of the Southern plantations No matter where it came from it still is a far more beautiful description then earring could ever hope to be. And there is no mistaking you Lady Dy as an earbob kinda girl!!

Oh my gosh I can only imagine (and lust)how much fun your classes will be. One of these years all my kids will be married and have their babies, so that our trips to the Northland can revolve around art classes!! (yeah)

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

Lisa said...

what a wonderful lesson Diane.. I can tell you are a fabulous instructor and your classes are going to be fabulous...I can feel the excitement you project!

Jen Crossley said...

I still love you even though your Rhinestone addicted Diane.

stregata said...

Just musing - I don't really see a lot of rhinestone earrings at the flea market - be they clip-ons (bobs), screwbacks (I think those are totally extinct here) or for pierced ears... Guess someone is hoarding them...
Not that I have a shortage of rhinestone pieces - but it just seems a bit strange.

Riki Schumacher said...

I believe the response is "Hi Diane". Ha ha. Beautiful pieces, your class will be a huge success! Riki xoxo

steufel said...

Wow - they are so beautiful. Real treasures!

Suz said...

To add to what Riki so eloquently stated, altogether now, "Hi Diane." We who share your sickness, thank you for sharing your goodies!
Big hugs,

Cindy said...

Hi Diane
I too join Pattie and the others in the RA (Rhinestones Anonymous) club. I was able to add to that addiction nicely while on our trip to PA over the weekend. :-) Your post made my heart race - I absolutely LOVED the gorgeous examples of earbobs and screwbacks...I absolutely get it!!! And especially propped against such pretty brass pieces = divine. :-) Thank you for the lesson and for sharing pieces from your collection. I am sure hoping it works out for you to come out East this year!!!

Kate said...

Wow! I was so excited to see this post. I came home last night to find that my 99 year old great grandmother who JUST SUNDAY moved into an assisted living situation had given me a box full of her jewelry. I mean a Xerox box sized box. I might need to email you for your "expert opinion" on some of it :)

Ragamuffin Gal said...

I will never look at the back of an earring the same way ever again! Your up close photography is delightful and beautiful. You make sparkle appear even more "glam & gliz" ~ and now I am off to look at my vintage clip on collection. Blessing sweet gal! ~ Katie

Daryl said...

I have an addiction to anything that sparkles so I love these .. clips always pinch but I often wear them as pins .. clipping them to shirt collars ..

VS said...

Hi Sweet Girl,
If your gonna have an addiction, I think that might be the very best one to have...unless maybe you had a DIAMOND addiction, which could be bad though & lead to a true Intervention!!! LOL
I found this post very educational, I did not know the difference myself. Thank you friend...Luv Ya & Miss Ya,
Susie P

Lovey said...

Hi Diane, My name is Lovey and I have a Vintage Rhinestone, Upholstery Fabric, Vintage Photos addiction. I love this post and the your vintage collection...beautiful. (Smiles...hugs to you my friend)

Bohemian said...

I confess... totally addicted to Vintage Bling... Bohemian Bling in particular. I love the filigree focal pieces you use behind your Rhinestone jewels!

Dawn... The Bohemian

Pretty Things said...

That first shot -- stopped me in my tracks.