Thursday, July 01, 2010

Adorn Me! 2011

The website is up and ready!
"Etched and Layered"
One of the classes I will be teaching on Wednesday, March 2nd,
at Adorn Me! 2011.  
I love designing these cuffs, and the more I design,
the more I love them.
If you saw the article in the latest issue of Belle Armoire, and you've wanted to learn more about etching and cold join attachments, you will love this class. 
Details on it can be found here.
"Etched and Layered"
I will share my technique of attaching vintage rhinestones, and layers of brass to your etched cuff.  
Layers upon layers of beautiful texture.
Then, on Thursday, March 3rd!
"Rhinestones and Rosaries"
In this class I will demonstrate ways of attaching
vintage ear bobs or clips to a gorgeous brass filigree focal piece.
But, the main focus will be incorporating a vintage rosary.
Often I will meet someone who has been given either their grandmother's, mother's or even an aunt's rosary.  This is a way to design it into a wearable piece of art, instead of having it sit in a dresser drawer.
The rosary doesn't have to be vintage,
but I do plan on having some vintage ones available prior to the class.
The brass focal piece found here is from
Brass Bouquet's connector collection.
 I love the postcard my friend,
Susie designed for this line of jewelry.

 Next, I will teach a 3-hour evening class
on Saturday, March 5th.
 "Romancing the Cuff"
The sky's the limit, as we will use layers and layers of
luscious vintage lace, ribbon, tulle,
or maybe even stamped fabric.
I will let the pictures speak for themselves.
For more details on the class, go here.
 And, of course, Friday, March 4th will be Vendor Night from 7-10 pm.
An event you won't want to miss.


stregata said...

What a great lineup of classes! Some very lucky people will be learning some very lovely techniques from you!!!

VS said...

WHY, Oh Why...don't I live in TEXAS????
I want to take these classes, I want to learn these techniques!
To tell you the truth, I have falling in love with Jewelry Design & want to become a master, all though that will probably never happen. But to take a few classes may be just what I need to get started on my new path. lol
Thanks friend for adding your postcard to your post, you are always looking out for me! :)
Big Hugs & Huge Success for Adorn Me 2011...maybe, just maybe I can figure out a way to come. {I'll start saving my penny's today}

Joni said...

What part of Texas are you in? I am in La. I would love to take your class. I am in love with your etched brass.

Diane said...

Thank you Joni =)
I am located just west of Houston. You can e-mail me:

Cameron said...

Beautiful!!! True art :)

steufel said...

Aaaah, that's torture. To read about those wonderful courses and to live in Germany - so no chance to step by...

The Joy of Nesting said...

Once again you have hit a home run Lady Dy!!!!! Every time I think you have made the most beautiful cuff so far you pull out an even more spectacular bracelet!!!!

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

Andrea said...

Beautiful bracelet, again!! Sounds like some wonderful classes I want to take in 2011!

Charlene said...

You were so amazing last year at ADORN ME! I think that is where you truly got your wings & began to soar my sweet friend. I will put the word out. I miss seeing & talking to you. HUGS! Charlene

Journal Swag said...

Love love the pieces and the classes look AMAZING too! Rhinestones and Rosaries, what could be better?!



Anonymous said...

OMG, all three of those projects are absolutely gorgeous. I am signing up as early as I can so I can get into your classes!!!
Loves, Marcy

Debra@CommonGround said...

What wonderful photos of your creations! Wish I lived close by. And I love the name of your site.

Cindy said...

Congrats Diane on your fabulous line up of classes your second time around at Adorn Me! What beautiful pieces and techniques you'll be teaching too! Hmm...wonder if there's any way in the world I could leave the 4 (5) boys at home and come to TX??!! I'd sure love to join you! And I just love the new postcard that Susie created...she's already a master with her beautiful vintage style marketing materials.

Esther said...

i totaly agree with Renate!! this classes have to be amazing!! i really love to see one of your etched cufs in real.. it may be very moving.. as when we open a Pharaon tomb and find a big treasure..

Riki Schumacher said...

Yeah Diane, that is great. You're teaching THREE classes! Wonderful. You will fill them up for sure. You go girl. The classes look wonderful. Congratulations! Hugs, Riki

Jen Crossley said...

I so wish I lived near you even in the same country would be helpful

Laurel said...

Congrats on teaching there again! I know you will have a great time, and your students will as well!

Diana said...

The students at Adorn Me! 2011 are in for a treat to have you as an instructor. Great classes, Diane! I am especially fond of your etched and layered cuff...beautifulness.

Anonymous said...

I have sent my money in for Adorn Me 2011, and signed up for for your 2 daytime classes. Now I shall haunt the mail hoping I don't hear that they are already filled. I so wanted to take classes with you last year....I wrote you then.... but had eye surgery and could not. But all is well and I am ready! Do you have other classes here in Texas I perhaps could take before then? I live in Kerrville, and have car, will travel. I am going to Marburger Farm in September, and will come by the tent and perhaps be lucky to acquire one of your "jewels".I can hardly wait....and perhaps you will be there, also! Thanks, Rita