Wednesday, January 27, 2010

the greatest of these is love

It's easy to love our children. Our grandchildren.
Maybe even our sister or our brother, mother or father. And, course our spouse.

But what about the broken, and the hurting? The sick and the hungry?
What about the fellow you see each morning washing his socks in one of the downtown water fountains? What about the divorced woman next door with the unruly teenagers? Or the guy driving next to you with his windows down playing his radio so loud it hurts YOUR ears and pounds on YOUR chest?
How about the person you see standing next to the sandwich shop
asking for
a little change each day?
Or, what about the fellow you've seen huddled under a ragged wool blanket in the doorway of the building that stands next to where you work?
Last October I read a post written by my talented Visual Poetry and Digital Photomanipulation teacher, Susan Tuttle, recounting a recent trip to New York to visit with fellow friend and passionate artist, Susanna Gordan. Susanna had (and has) an ongoing project called, Winged Messengers. I contacted her, and within a couple of weeks a painted brown envelope was delivered to me with 2 messengers inside, AND a beautiful hand-written note explaining the idea and passion behind her pieces of winged art. I was impressed, not only by the (long) hand-written letter, but by the insight she held inside her heart for the winged messengers!
I tucked them safely away in my office till after Thanksgiving, patiently waiting for just the right moment to let them land.
Purposely, I planned to leave the first at a busy street corner of Downtown Houston. I'd put one on a building I pass by many mornings on my way to work. This particular day was December 23rd. I just knew there would be someone who needed to hear this message so lovingly designed and painted by Susanna.
Perhaps this could be that unexpected glimmer of hope. Hope long gone. Much needed, especially now, so close to Christmas. So, I left it at what is called the Sweeney Building, now vacant, tenants long gone. The morning was windy, cool, with some light misty rain. I had brought my large roll of heavy duty packing tape, and with a quick hand I taped it to the front door, hoping that whoever needed it on that day would see it.
The message was loud and clear. It was strong and purposeful. It was soft, yet powerful. It was grace revealed.
Love not earned, but freely given.

Later that afternoon, I went outside to see if the messenger was still on the front door. It was gone. I looked frantically on the ground. Checked all neighboring street curbs and gutters. I didn't see it. The wind had been so strong that day.
I prayed it had served its purpose. That it was able to give that someone a small bit of joy and understanding. You are loved. What more is possibly needed?
"look up"
My latest necklace was made using nickel sheet metal, which I etched in the class I taught at Round Top about two weeks ago. I attached and riveted a very special vintage rhinestone brooch and vintage metal stamping to the etched metal. I used matching etched beads, cultured freshwater stick pearls, sari silk-wrapped beads, added glass crystal rondells, then wire wrapped it with oxidized sterling silver wire.

The soft dangle was made using vintage rhinestone,
tied with a small piece of matching sari silk.

On February 1, my radio station, KSBJ (yes, it is mine, along with thousands of others who joyfully support it) will dedicate a full day raising funds for Haiti.
It is called
Heart for Haiti
Pairing with KSBJ,
I will auction off this piece. Bidding will
begin at $75.
If you would like to participate, PLEASE leave a comment, with your bid on this post. The bidding will end on Sunday, February 7th at 12 noon CST.
I will send an invoice to the winner, and once I receive payment, will send a donation to Samaritan's Purse in your name, and the necklace will be mailed to you.
I will send a copy of the receipt for your donation back to you.

Thanks for caring.


stregata said...

Thanks for sharing this! Such a lovely necklace and so full of love!

beautifullybrokenme said...

Dian -

What a beautiful post. The "Winged Messengers" that you put out downtown surely helped lessen the difficulty of the holidays for, I am sure, more than a few people who saw them.

I love the new piece you are auctioning off - just gorgeous! KSBJ (my favorite station when we lived there) will be so excited to have your support. Thanks for sharing.

:-) Molly

Diana said...

What a lovely post, Diane! I am sure that your winged messenger made it into someone's pocket and was just the needed "hug" and reminder they needed. Your necklace is lovely! I know your auction will go well my friend.
Ta Ta

- melanie said...

*tear* beautiful, mom. you inspire me. thank you for your beautiful heart. it is full of Love.

Stacie said...

I really loved this story...I adore the idea of a winged messenger...the world needs more of these messages! The necklace is beautiful...I often wish I had the guts to wear sari's every is a beautiful way to dress, comfortable and so lux...have a wonderful weekend!

Ro Bruhn said...

Lovely message idea, we need more of this around the world. Your jewellery is beautiful too. Thank you for visiting my blog.

Laura R. said...

I'd like to start the bidding at $100.

Diane said...

Bless you Laura...

Riki Schumacher said...

This is a post that describes how your beauty on the outside matches your inner beauty Diane. Thank goodness there are angels like you on this earth. Much love, Riki

Charlene said...

Diane what a beautiful post!!!!! I loved the part of how you taped the message on the door. I am sure it touched someone's heart. You are indeed a sweet soul. And your necklace turned out soooooooo very pretty. Can't wait for you to do a class I can take so we can learn more about etching. One of my pieces of etching turned out OK. Maybe I will try to do something with it just as a reminder of our special day. And then, I can make a better piece in the next class. Charlene

Cindy said...

OH Diane, how did I miss this blog post? What a wonderful, wonderful act of kindness...leaving the "you are loved" message. I have no doubt someone in need saw it, maybe it was passed on too. Your necklace for Haiti is just gorgeous.... I absolutely love your special touch of rhinestones and etched metal.

Diane said...

Laura R.....please contact me, as you have won the bidding on "Look Up". I would like to send your invoice, so I will need your address. Thank you so much~

Anonymous said...

Diane, please enter my bid for $125.00! I would love to win that gorgeous necklace. But if not, I will buy another one from you in Houston! Thanks. Marcy