Monday, November 30, 2009

Where the road meets the sky

I have returned home once again, just as I have for the past thirteen years, from a long Thanksgiving weekend out of town. The magic of South Texas always proves to me, over and over again, just how beautiful this world is.
Especially in a place you might least expect it.
Each morning we woke up early,
hours before the sun peeked its head through the mesquite trees.
While it was still dark outside and even the jack rabbits and cotton tails were sound asleep deep in their holes.
We bundled up in heavy coats, and drove up and down the hard red clay hills.
This is a feeling like no other. No words can explain it.
It is here I see the brightest of reds.
Crimson reds.
Found in the rising of the South Texas sun,
and later that day
in the wings of hundreds of butterflies we found feasting on the abundance of Texas wild flowers.
Rare this time of year.
And, there are the browns.
The sure sign of the first freeze.
It comes much later here.

I love it here. I can breathe in, and I can breathe out. Pure, fresh air.
No expectations. No hurry.

I love it here.
But then, once I am home,
I am looking forward to a Suitcase Sale in San Antonio.
Ahhh, I love it here (too).


Riki Schumacher said...

Yipee! I'm the first one to post on your post! Ha ha. Diane, the pictures are beautiful, almost as wonderful as your jewelry. I'm so glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, you deserve it. Thanks for your little message on my sisters post. You have given me insight as to how valuable art sisters are, and I treasure you as one of mine. Big hugs. Riki

Daryl said...

Oh what a wonderful time you had, what wonderful photos .. and I am sure the suitcase sale will be sold out the minute you open the suitcase!

Charlene said...

Your photos are sooooooooo pretty! The butterflies have been magnificent this year. I still have so many flowers blooming. But, we have snow flurries in the forcast so I bet that will be the end of the blooms & butterflies.
:( Your suitcase has some true treasures. I wish I was going to be there. Are you going to the Fredericksburg Christmas Home Tours?

Anonymous said...

yes, i love your photos, how beautiful! much success with your sale.

Cindy said...

Your pictures are just incredible... you are such a professional. And you're an early bird too.... I'm not sure I could get up before the sun like that (you know I'm a night owl)! Sounds like your trip was fantastic...what a wonderful tradition. Oh I wish I could attend your Suitcase Sale...would love to see your beautiful creations in person.

Sharon said...

I can just imagine being there before dawn, so still and silent, feeling that you are a part of that eternal magic. Your photos are stunning and so calming.

Diana said...

I am in agreement with everyone that your photos are wonderful, your words inspiring and your jewelry breathtaking. Wishing you much success with your suitcase show. So, glad you were able to relax and reconnect with nature during your well deserved Thanksgiving break.

Paula In Pinetop said...

Beautiful images, beautiful jewelry, beautiful you.