Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lost in the mail

In November I had posted about a new piece I had finished called "Cross my Heart". It was bought, by a very good blog friend, promptly shipped off and never made it. I was totally surprised. I could not believe it was lost in the mail. How could it be? It had never happened to me, and I've mailed alot of packages! I had purchased delivery confirmation and insurance, so I was covered, thankfully. After a couple of weeks, it became evident that it was stuck forever in limbo and was not going to be delivered. But, we remained optimistic. We waited another month, and still no package! I thought any day it would get to her. I just knew it would! I contacted her, and wanted to refund her money. She said, no. I could make another piece for her. The reason I didn't just make another one right away, was because I had bought only one of these beautiful crosses at the jewelry show. I would have bought more, but that was the only one I really liked! Now, I would have to wait till the next show, which would be January 16th. I looked online, other jewelry shops~none as nice as this one. So when January 16th came around I, of course, went to the International Gem & Jewelry Show. The very first piece I bought was another turquoise cross. Anyone who designs jewelry knows that no two pieces are ever alike. And, if you like a piece, you better buy it then, because you won't get a second chance. This cross is slightly smaller, so a refund is still in order. And, I bought more than one cross this time. I told her I would make it up to her in some way. I thought these might help. Thanks, Daryl for being so understanding. I hope you like what comes in the mail~this time I am using FedEx.


Chris said...

This turned out so gorgeously...but I really related to your disbelief that the first piece was lost in the mail.

All's well that ends well, and I'm glad you were able to get another cross,even though it was smaller.

Have a blessed week!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful...thanks for stopping by.
Added you to my buddy list too!


beautifullybrokenme said...

Good Morning!

This piece is so beautiful - I'm sorry the first one was lost, but this one is gorgeous (the earrings too)!

Have a wonderful week!

:-) Molly
Matthew 5:16

Daryl said...

LOVE IT .....OMG...........LOVE IT.. and you better NOT send me any refund ...keep it on account .. on account of I know I will find something else you've made and you can put it toward that .. okay?

Diana said...

Gorgeous piece, Diane! Your friend will love it I know.

patty said...

This piece is stunning and the earrings will certainly be treasured. How sad the first went missing.

Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

They are both gorgeous! It is so aggravating that things just disappear into thin air sometimes.
I've only had one truly "lost" package. It was a big order that went to Canada, and didn't make it. I replaced everything, but she ended up waiting about 2 months total for her jewelry.
I had one returned to me unopened and stamped "no such address", 3 months after I sent it to France.

Anonymous said...

Love your Style & Blog!!!
Thanks so much for the Sweet Comments about my Slips!!!
I'm adding you too!!!

Meg Wolff said...

It doesn't surprise me anymore as I have lost a number of them (at first I was surprised!). It was US mail. Then I started doing the delivery confirmation as you did.

Your new piece is beautiful! True that if you like a piece to buy it as every piece is different.

A bird in the hand said...

How heartbreaking for such a beautiful piece to be "lost" in the mail. I hope it still turns up someday. xxo

Sandra L. said...

That is such a shame that this disappeared in the mail! I have been waiting for a book from England since early November. You hear stories about things turning up years after being hopefully your package will resurface!

sallyt said...

What a sad story! All that work, too. Both necklaces are gorgeous. And it is like you to be so generous to make earrings... they are really pretty, too. You made it all ok again. Did you get your insurance money from the post office?

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry that happened - very frustrating, but both necklaces are absolutely amazing! I love cross and religious necklaces and this is one of the most beautiful I've ever seen!!

Abby Lanes said...

Your blog is so gorgeous! I enjoyed this entry.