Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I've always had them

"stars in my eyes" ~ (sold)
I have been tagged by two dear blog friends~
So now I must share six quirky facts about myself and tag six of my blog friends. Thanks alot Tammy and Diana!
Here are the official rules....1. link to the person who tagged you 2. mention the rules 3. tell six quirky, yet boring, unspectacular details about yourself 4. tag six other bloggers by linking to them 5. go to each person's blog and leave a comment that lets them know they've been tagged.
Here are the six people I am tagging (don't feel obligated or stressed if you don't want to participate or have already been there & done that or have been tagged with this fun little exercise before!)
1. When I was a child, I wanted to be an actress.
2. I love music, and it makes me happy. And, I sing~alot.
3. I love to dance, and waltzes are my favorite. But, I two-step (Texas, of course) and have been known to polka from time to time.
4. I love to do laundry. And, I never let laundry sit in the dryer. It must come out upon "hearing the buzzer", or I will start the dryer again to get it warm before I take it out.
5. Bugs do not scare me. In fact, I am the official roach killer where ever I may be, and am often called upon to do so!
6. I love to fish. In ponds, and creeks and rivers~freshwater please.
Bonus: I say love alot!


Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

I think it's fun to learn little things about each other that we may not think to mention sometimes. Makes me feel like I know you a little more!
Love ya~

Meg Wolff said...

Love, love, LOVE this post, and you! Thank you for including me. I also love fish in ponds and I'm not afraid of bugs & someday hope to dance! :-)

Diane, You make the world a brighter place!

Diana said...

Love your necklace, Diane! Would you like to come over to my house today and do my laundry? Thanks for sharing.

Daryl said...

And you are a talented and dear friend.


Chris said...

You LOVE to do LAUNDRY???? oh my!!! I am so surprised! I'm going to mail you some of mine! LOL!
Love you!

Anita said...

I love memes! (I know - I'm weird!)

Love the necklace... it's very festive! Great for the holidays...