Saturday, July 19, 2008

Set-Up Snaps

The Sami Show set-up turned out just as I had envisioned. Smooth. I had quite a few compliments on my jewelry display, which made me quite happy.
Business was good. The sale tomorrow is from 11-4:30.
The best part of shows is always meeting new customers & other vendors. But mostly, being with my husband all day. He is a great business partner, helper and receipt-writer. I am so blessed to have him.
The vendor on my right, Nona, is selling hand-made purses, pillows, place mats and runners. They are made out of the most beautiful fabrics. The one I picked out is made of silk. The trim is devine. I had bought a smaller one from her almost two years ago. I immediately added it to my wire dress form.
Two women wanted to buy my jacket! If I had not been there, my husband probably would have sold it. He says everything is for sale! Well, dh, not exactly......


Daryl said...

Fabulous .. I am lusting over the crystal necklace of the other day ... sigh .. but since I am off to New Orleans in the morning any shopping must wait til I get home

Good luck with the sale


Fanciful Expressions said...


Love your set-up. It's as lovely as your art.


Chris said...

How wonderfully eclectic, vintage-y and FUN is your set up!!! Gosh, I wish I lived closer! And I love it that your DH was helping. Good thing you were there to save your jacket! LOL!

Your jewelry cards are amazing...I may copy your idea with an old family photo. And your jewelry is extraordinary. As always, my friend. I'm excited by your work and the jumps forward you've made. You ROCK!

kansasrose said...

DITTO! you rock jewelry, displaying the pieces, photography out girl! The jacket is darling too!

Anonymous said...

Oh, isn't your bead shelf necklace lovely!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the whole lot really, but the bead shelf necklace is Fab!