Tuesday, April 15, 2008

ya-ya & tj

did i tell you about the two sisters we met in warrenton? these were two of the sweetiest girls melanie & i met the friday we braved the north wind & rain at the antique festival. we didn't get to look much thru their tent because of the rain, but they had some of the most coolest & unusual stuff. ya-ya (on the right) had just received a bale of hay to help soak up the mud, when my days of living on the ranch kicked in. i helped her spread it like i knew what i was doing. guess all those times i watched dad throw it off the back of the truck for the cattle; and all the times we spread it in our 4-H lamb pens, did not get lost in the wide space between my ears.
so, back to their store. their motto is, "Get Gypsy Fryed With Kool Funk & Junk". They have "Unusual Finds Everytime". i must say, it was the first time i had seen a curtain valance made out of at least 4 pairs of cowboy boots! it was so cool.
so, if you get close to vidor, texas, stop by and see the sisters (and their mother). you can find them at:
vidor flea market, building #5
i-h10 vidor, texas


Anita said...

When I win the lottery, I'm doing a big 'ol tour of Texas! :)
What great places and people you meet!

kansasrose said...

will do...they look and sound fun!

Chris said...

A curtain valance made out of 4 pairs of cowboy boots!! Oh boy!

You meet the neatest people, my friend!

Pappy said...

Hi Diane, A member of the Ya-Ya sisterhood? I saw your comment on my site and decided to come by for a visit. Sounds like you enjoy yourself. Nice touch on the blog. Thanks for the visit.