Sunday, May 20, 2007

You talkn' to me?

Quite unexpected and oh so exciting was my chance meeting with Robert De Niro while looking for The Sensuous Bean coffee shop at W.70th and Columbus. This great coffee and tea shop had the best Italian Roast coffee and was nestled in one of the most beautiful parts of the city-the West Side. The morning was just and crisp. Melanie and I had walked up from 63rd and West Side (our apartment location), and were on a mission to find a great cup of coffee, and this shop was a GREAT suggestion-Thanks Alyssa!
Oh, yes, Mr. De Niro was sitting on the park bench in front of the shop when Melanie and I walked up. However, I was busy taking pictures of the sign, so the distraction caused me not to look at the two gentlemen sitting on the park bench in front of the shop! But he gently spoke to me and I answered back - shook his hand - and then we were inside the shop. So quick a meeting, but a great lasting moment cemented in my mind ~forever~.
(~click on the picture for a closer view-he's in the blue ball cap~)

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dawn said...

now, the question is
did you kiss brooklyn for me?