Sunday, February 18, 2007

Mardi Gras Beads, Bread Pudding & Jewel's Sugar Cookies

Okay, it was my sister Debbie's birthday, so she came to town to have lunch and see a movie! We went to Babin's and had some of 'dat Gumbo & then the waiter had on one of those fancy Mardi Gras necklace's, and being a looker (of jewelry) I said I liked the necklace, because of the little Pig Chef Beads it had on it! Well, that was before I had my glasses on!!!!!!!!!!
Then, I told him that it was my sister's birthday today, so guess what? He brought her some Birthday Bread Puddin'! Yummeeeee! Let's just say we had a BIG Time!
Oh, and I had to try baking Jewel's Sugar Cookies, as these are Debbie's favorites. The long lost recipe was found (by Debbie a couple of weeks ago). Mine were okay, and of course, Jewel's were the best! Deb did give me some additional pointers for my next batch though.
Happy Birthday Big Sister..... and many many more!

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