Wednesday, April 09, 2014

The Treasure Hunt

Hey Guys...there's an

going on!
This year we are having a treasure hunt at Artful Gathering, 
and it is really simple to play along. 
This is the second week of the clues, 
which if you look just below, 
you will find the full description on how to find them.
Here's how you do it...
simply find the secret Big Red Square somewhere on my blog 
to get your second secret word! 
The word you're looking for is up at the top of the box, 
in quotation marks!
LOOK for a red block, on my side bar, it has a crown in it!
(If you missed last week's clue, just hop on over to my friend 
Riki Schumacher's blog for the answer!)
You can find out all you want to know

Be sure to go to:  
to read all about the rules and prizes.

There's some really great prizes that include:   
one full paid class of your choice, plus the corresponding class DVD.  
Along with some very cool runner-up prizes, 
that aren't so shabby either...
Jewelry, Vintage Goodies, Class Kits, Artists' Books 
and more!

My donation is a bit of vintage goodies, brass wing stampings, 
and a baby bundle of recycled sari silk.
 And, just in case you haven't seen what I'll be teaching this year,
you can see both class details 
in the Workshop Catalogue
In Session One, I will be teaching a beautiful necklace 
Romantic Wrapped.
 It is for 6 weeks, beginning June 6-July 17th!
in the Second Session, 
I will be teaching my cuff class called,
On a Wing.
It will also be for 6 weeks,
beginning July 16-August 26th!
If, you haven't pre-registered, you might want to go on over and do so now,
(which will also give you the ability to flip thru that wonderful class catalogue)!
as on May 1st the doors open for full registration.
That means you will be able to register for any of the instructor's classes,
offered in both Sessions One & Two.
Also, at that time, you will have access to our Etsy store links,
where most will be offering a limited number of class kits.
Here's wishing the best to you on your treasure hunting fun,
hope to see you in the classroom...very SOON!

Don't forget to pre-register here now:
(P.S.....if you leave a comment here
and/or share on Facebook and/or Twitter
I am having an EXTRA little drawing for a prize
Tuesday evening at 9pm CST!)


Cheryl said...

Always love your creations!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh what wonderful jewelry you make! Your classes look very fun and inspiring!

Gigi @ Old World Patina

Anna said...

Hi Diane! I can't wait to take your class in the second session - Currently I have your kit for your etched cuff in my ETSY basket - I hope to make my way thru one of those before the On a Wing class in the summer - I'll be online May 1 to make sure I get in (fingers crossed)

PA said...

Got the words from the treasure hunt pages. Now to share this page & hope to get lucky for your extra treat!

Francine Perri said...

your jewelry is beautiful, love this treasure hunt!

~Silky said...

I cannot wait to take your workshop! The hunt is fun and I love the electric atmosphere this all creates.. thank you

~Silky said...

I cannot wait to take your workshop! The hunt is fun and I love the electric atmosphere this all creates.. thank you

Quilts by Grammy said...

Would enjoy taking another class of yours soon! I always get excited when I see your email in my inbox :)
Fingers crossed I win some fabulous bling or other wonderful prizes I saw posted!
Take Care <3

Cecile Nichols said...

Hi, Diane! I haven't had the pleasure of taking a workshop from you yet, but sure hope to soon! Your art is beautiful!

Cecile Nichols said...

Hello, Diane! Don't know what happened to my earlier message, but I mentioned that I haven't yet had the pleasure of taking a workshop from you, so am really looking forward to Artful Gathering this summer!! Thanks!

Lana Manis said...

This looks wonderful! Diane, your jewelry pieces (and photos) are always perfectly romantic looking... just beautiful!

Carolyn Miller said...

Love the new wrapped necklace. The treasure hunt awaits.

Francine Perri said...

Your jewelry is beautiful!